Quebec City.
If you want to have a European vibe but not go to Europe, Quebec City has character-filled streets.
Photo Credit: Pexels

Globe-Trotting Getaway Ideas for Couples

Explore Quebec City

Want to visit Europe but cannot cross the Atlantic? Quebec City is the perfect place for the two of you to escape. With French as the national language and bolstered by over 400 years of history, this metropolis of more than a half-million souls positively exudes continental charm and it is a perfect destination for couples.

Start by touring Old Quebec (Vieux-Québec), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, La Citadelle (North America’s largest British built military installation) and the Notre-Dame Basilica. Visiting during winter? Ride in a horse-drawn carriage or cruise the river. Enjoy a romantic meal with a cityscape view at the Ciel Bistro-Bar in the Hôtel le Concorde before tucking in for the night.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.Pigeon Forge, Tennessee has a beautiful river that offers a great experience for white water rafting. Photo Credit: Pexels

Go Country at Pigeon Forge

On the other side of the sophistication spectrum lies Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, home to country music star Dolly Parton’s eponymous theme park Dollywood, the Alcatraz East crime museum and a country-cooking restaurant housed in a 200-year-old mill called (appropriately enough) The Old Mill. But make no mistake, the Pigeon Forge has lots to offer couples, especially adventuresome ones.

You can also whitewater raft on the Pigeon River. Hike any of the area’s picturesque trails, some of which are challenging. You can also be a detective at the Great Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Dinner Show. Then, bed down at Blackberry Farm, an ecolodge in nearby Walland, Tennessee.

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Carribean Islands.Take a load off and relax on the beaches of the Caribbean Islands.

Try Island Hopping

Hopping from one Caribbean island to the next is a familiar sort of trip for couples and there are incredible options just south of Florida. But have you ever stopped to consider all of the other island options across the world? There’s a dizzying number and virtually all are great for couples.

For example, the Seychelles archipelago, which lies off of the eastern coast of Africa, has heartbreakingly beautiful beaches. Perched south of Sri Lanka, the Maldives boasts water so clear it has to be seen to be believed. Go caving and fishing in the Philippines’ Palawan, which also contains luxury resorts. Or, for a less traveled location, try the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia. For years, eastern Europeans have flocked to the area’s turquoise-watered shores, ancient churches, car-free villages and generally laidback manner of living.

Of course, no matter how wonderful these ideas may be, a romantic getaway does not have to involve a lengthy trip. All you need is a some free time, a little creativity and your sweetheart! Be sure to fall in love with these vacation ideas for couples.

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