The rock formations of Arizona cast shadows on local forests and towns
Sedona draws in artists, healers, spiritual seekers and anyone seeking to get back in touch with nature or retreat from the stresses of everyday life.
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10 Amazing Vacation Spots in the USA to Visit in Summer 2019

Sedona, Arizona

Among all of the hedonistic summer escapes in America, Sedona offers something a little more spiritual. Set against the backdrop of Arizona’s red sandstone, allegedly peppered with vortexes, Sedona draws in artists, healers, spiritual seekers and anyone looking for a retreat from stresses of everyday life.

As well as mysticism and a plethora of New Age shops and eclectic art galleries, Sedona is famed for its impressive scenic beauty. It makes a great jumping-off point for exploring the surrounding canyons, red-rock buttes and pine forests.

Houses with white siding and red roof shingles cover the city of Santa Barbara, CaliforniaSanta Barbara's ocean breezes and mountain views combine with upscale boutiques and restaurants give visitors plenty of activities–both exciting and relaxing. Photo Credit: / Kit_Leong

Santa Barbara, California

At the foot of the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara’s white stucco and red-roofed buildings give California’s coast a wistfully Mediterranean feel. Ocean breezes and mountain views combine with upscale boutiques and restaurants in this town that is both classy and relaxed, polished and naturally beautiful.

The many sandy spots dare you to resist their allure, and a thriving local winery scene conveniently invites you to end the day with a glass of vino in hand.

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An arched highway sits above a beautiful reflective riverHighway 101, Oregon will allow you to discover lighthouses, sand dunes, sea caves full of seals, quaint towns, and delicious food along the way. Photo Credit: / Long_Strange_Trip_01

Highway 101, Oregon

Stitching together mile upon mile of rocky vistas, deserted beaches and quaint fishing towns, traveling down (or up) this stretch of highway is a requisite for any great summer road trip. Every bend in the road brings something different.

Hop from lighthouse to sandy dunes to sea caves full of seals. Pass through pretty towns like Astoria and Ashland, and see how many hiking trails you can find.

If you’re hungry, there is plenty of freshly caught seafood to sample. If you’re thirsty, stop by a local beer brewery. If you’re tired, just slow down, relax and enjoy the pace of life on this piece of the Pacific Coast.

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